Hudson River Striped Bass Fishing

Striped bass are anadromous fish. That is, they migrate from salt water to fresh water to spawn and then return to the salt water. Water temperature is the most significant element in determining when spawning occurs. However, sudden temperature spikes or drops and changes in water clarity can affect the feeding patterns as well as the timing of the spawn.

Because of these uncontrollable variables striper fishing on the Hudson can change from day to day, tide to tide, or even hour to hour. Reel Easy Charters is prepared to bait fish, jig, or troll to meet these changing conditions. If one method does not produce, often another technique will put fish in the boat.

At Reel Easy Charters we will do our best to make your day on the Hudson enjoyable and successful.

Great Smile!
Great Smile
Captain Jay on the Hudson River
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Mother's Day Catch
Huge Bass
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